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Christine’s Story

In a freak accident, Christine suffered a fall that resulted in a significant neck and spinal cord injury.  With a diagnosis of incomplete SCI resulting in quadriplegia Christine spent 2 1/2 months at Kessler Rehabilitation where she and her team of physicians and therapists worked hard to help her regain some function.

Christine is continuing her therapy through Kessler’s outpatient rehab program. She suffers from full body muscle spasms and has very limited use of her hands, but she now has functional use of her arms, and is able to stand and take a few steps with her walker. Christine requires around the clock care to provide her with even her very basic needs.

The process to walk again is a very slow process and could take years. While we all remain positive and hopeful, there is the possibility that she may never regain full functional use of her legs.

Christine continues to be responsible for the mortgage, and utilities and living expenses for her home in Hawthorne, and it may be years before she is able to work again.

We are hoping that with your generous contributions, we can provide a safety net for Christine for the coming years. This will ease much of the burden on a road that is likely to be very long and uncertain.  More importantly, it will allows her to remain close to her young children, Michael and Lia.

If Christine’s courage, strength and determination could make her walk–she would have already run out of Kessler!  We ask for your financial support as well as continued love, prayers, and positive thoughts so that we can help Christine achieve her goals.

$39,792 of $150,000 raised

Created on July 26th, 2017

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$39,792 of $150,000 raised
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