Friends Helping Friends

To open a Friends Helping Friends page and raise funds for your family or friends in need, contact us at 201-567-2622

A Prosthetic Leg for Rodrigo

Rodrigo’s Story
Rodrigo da Silva was diagnosed with Spina Bifida, a congenital malformation, which has left him with kidney, intestinal and other health issues. Rodrigo is 46 years old; he and his twin sister Rita were born in the city of Santa Maria, Sao Gabriel Brazil. In 1993, he lost his left leg due to circulation problems. Read More

Desert Storm Veteran – Julia

Julia’s Story
Julia Torres is a Desert Storm combat veteran who needs assistance. Following her tour in the Army as a transportation Sergeant, she went on to become a police officer. Julia is an accomplished writer and Associate Editor for NJ Blue Now Magazine and is the author of two books – Read More

Help for Christine’s Recovery

Christine’s Story
In a freak accident, Christine suffered a fall that resulted in a significant neck and spinal cord injury.  With a diagnosis of incomplete SCI resulting in quadriplegia Christine spent 2 1/2 months at Kessler Rehabilitation where she and her team of physicians and therapists worked hard to help her regain some function. Read More

Trishah’s Accessible Bathroom

Trishah’s Story
Trishah has muscular dystrophy that causes progressive weakness and loss of muscle mass. Over time, she is losing the ability to walk. Trishah will be in a wheelchair soon and her current bathroom is too small to be made handicap accessible. To continue to live independently, we are hoping to raise the money needed to create a “wet room” Read More