Meet Our Clients

Desert Storm Veteran – Julia

Julia developed Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and Gulf War Syndrome after being exposed to burn pits, sarin and cyclosarin nerve agents and many other environmental factors. The progressive nature of MS also ended her 12-year police career. She is now in need of housing assistance.

Help for Christine’s Future

In a freak accident, Christine suffered a fall that resulted in a significant neck and spinal cord injury.  With a diagnosis of incomplete SCI resulting in quadriplegia Christine spent 2 1/2 months at Kessler Rehabilitation where she and her team of physicians and therapists worked hard to help her regain some function.

Trishah’s Accessible Bathroom

Trishah has muscular dystrophy that causes progressive weakness and loss of muscle mass. Over time, she is losing the ability to walk.  To continue to live independently, we are hoping to raise the money needed to create a “wet room” next to her bed/work room.

Another New Electric Wheelchair

Alice Praylow receives her first new electric wheelchair from Giants of Generosity. Left is her nephew, then D. Jane Albanese, Alice Praylow and her husband and Bettina Fowler standing on the right is a GOG board member.

A Wheelchair for The Convent

Sister Pat Coyle of the Franciscan Convent on Knickerbocker Rd. in Tenafly, NJ receives a wheelchair for another Sister who is becoming more frail, and is in need of a wheelchair to navigate the beautiful grounds of the convent. D. Jane Albanese of Giants of Generosity is pictured on the left.

A New Electric Wheelchair

Randee Villardi of GOG standing next to Dusty Groody, a purple heart veteran associated with the Combat Wounded of Penn and NJ. This wonderful organization donated a new wheelchair for JoAnn Bologra of Bergenfield. Bettina Fowler (standing on the right) is a Giants of Generosity board member.

A Freak Accident

Days after Carol and Sal Caneriato celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary, Carol fell down her basement stairs, landing on her face. She broke many facial bones, cracked her skull, broke both wrists, and several ribs. Upon returning home from the four-week hospital stay, Giants of Generosity provided a stair lift, through Handi-Lift Inc. of Carlstadt, NJ and also supplied a wheel chair.

This Says It All

The joy expressed on Art Matarazzo’s face, says it all. Elaine Adler (L) co-founder of the Adler Aphasia Center of Maywood, NJ is featured here with Art Matarazzo in his brand new electric wheelchair donated by Giants of Generosity, through the generosity of two purple heart recipients, Bob Lord and Bruce Boice (back row) of the Combat Wounded of Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Purple Heart Vets

Purple Heart Veterans Bruce Boice and Bob Lord along with Julia Torres, who is also a veteran, joined forces to help make this wheelchair gift to the Adler Aphasia Center of Maywood, NJ possible. The Adler Aphasia Center is for people suffering with aphasia that robs one of the ability to communicate, cutting them off from their family, friends, health care providers, and everyday life.

Friedreich’s Ataxia Disease

19-year-old Raquel from Clifton, suffers from Friedreich’s Ataxia, which is a debilitating degenerative neuro-muscular disorder. Giants of Generosity in partnership with Special Child Health Services created a new door opening and installed a wheelchair accessible door that was needed to provide egress to a wheelchair ramp. She now has easier access to the outside world.

Bariatric Hospital Bed

Angela injured her ankle while being evacuated during Hurricane Sandy. After being poorly handled in a rehab facility, she developed a very large pressure ulcer on the backside of her hip. After numerous attempts, she was unable to acquire the proper hospital bed from Medicare.  Giants of Generosity negotiated a reduced price on a bariatric hospital bed and had it delivered, and Angela is now able to roll off the wound, allowing it to heal.

Homeless after Apartment Fire

Alexis had been living on park benches and in shelters for over a year after her apartment building had burned down. The Center for Food Action helped her find an apartment. She then called Giants of Generosity, who assisted her with food and clothing, until she could move-in and receive a donated bed from Westwood Sleep Centers.