Estate planning strategies

We all want to do the best thing for our families. Through planned giving, you can establish how your assets will be distributed while you enjoy the peace of mind you deserve.

You can accomplish two important goals through the use of innovative estate planning strategies. By donating a portion of your assets to an established 501(c)3 tax exempt charitable organization of your choice, you can:

  1. Be assured your family will benefit substantially.
  2. Reduce or even eliminate estate taxes.

By establishing one of several customized Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT) funds
you can accomplish specific needs, such as:

  • Benefit from immediate income tax deductions
  • Reduce estate taxes
  • Eliminate capital gains taxes on appreciated assets
  • Generate income for life or a specified period of time
  • Guarantee your children will receive the full amount of your assets
  • Diversify your portfolio
  • Benefit the charity of your choice

You can also be assured that your estate will be distributed according to your wishes through the use of Premium Financing, Gift Annuities, and Charitable Remainder Trusts.

Further information regarding Wills, Trusts, Charitable Giving, and Life Insurance is available from your attorney, in conjunction with Financial Planners, Certified Public Accountants, Chartered Financial Consultants, and Accredited Estate Planners.

We hope you will consider a charitable gift to Giants of Generosity, Inc., a 501(c)3 tax exempt charitable organization.

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