Who we are.  Our Mission and Vision


The mission of Giants of Generosity is to provide emergency relief funding and other vitally needed services to individuals and families who are experiencing critical, life-altering situations here in our own communities.

Our vision is to respond to 100 percent of all the calls for help that we receive.

Giants of Generosity’s successful ten-year track record of transforming lives by quickly responding to the critical, urgent needs of our family and friends, has had a tremendous impact on the quality of life for our clients, as well as for the entire community at large.


What we do.  How we do it

Your donations to Giants of Generosity, Inc. are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.
. . . (unlike personal campaigns on crowdfunding sites)


Tree of Life

Life-sustaining assistance is provided when and where it is needed most.

The nurturing aspects of the Tree of Life are embodied in the work that we do at Giants of Generosity. You, our supporters, are the life-sustaining nourishment that allows us to fulfill our mission. And the funds we raise through fundraisers, individual donors, family foundations, corporations, and grants—these represent the earth upon which our very foundation is built. With your contributions, we can help mend those who come to us broken and battered, and assist them as they return to the fullness of life. Hardship does not discriminate, or wait for a more convenient time, so we are always at the ready to help, wherever help is needed.

Sustaining our client’s well-being is our goal.

Our Vetting Process: When a request for help comes into our office, we fill out an intake form. As quickly as possible, we meet with our clients to verify the circumstances, their financial status, their insurance coverage, and to clearly understand their needs and how we can help them survive their crises. Once this information is in place, the work begins.

Giants of Generosity’s Friends Helping Friends platform is the first line of defense to help those in need. We quickly setup a personal giving page on our website to assist family and friends in raising tax-deductible donations for their loved ones. We provide valuable connections to contractors and service providers, and we offer access to a wide range of donated or discounted products, such as stair lifts, wheelchairs, hospital beds, and ramps. We also advocate on your behalf to understand and negotiate hospital billing and insurance, and we pay service providers directly.

Often people have been turned away or don’t qualify for government assistance and other social services, and they lack the financial or human resources to rise above their crises. That is where Giants of Generosity steps-in, to support and sustain them in a variety of ways. The roots of our mission are based on a slightly modified version of the pay-it-forward movement. The premise is simple – do something kind for someone else without expecting to be repaid. Trusting that the law of gratitude will follow it’s own path, I know those we help will share their blessings in their own way, in their own time – when they are able.

We serve our client’s in these four vital areas of support:

Disaster Relief

  • There’s no end to the help that is needed when a natural disaster strikes. The loss is deep and can be quite profound.
  • Giants of Generosity steps-up to fill in the gaps that social service and government agencies are unable to fulfill.
  • By providing everything from medical supplies, to clothing, housewares, and home renovations, we can help the most severely affected rebuild their lives. We also introduce them to connections to valuable resources and other service providers.

Medical & Healthcare

  • Traumatic injuries, life-threatening or chronic illnesses, or the enormous medical bills that accrue (even with the best of insurance plans) can quickly devastate a family.
  • Lack of access to necessary medical equipment and providers is also a problem for many of our clients. Giants of Generosity works hard to secure needed medical devices and equipment, as well as advocates for clients requiring assistance with medical bills, and we also provide moral support during their times of crisis.

Shelter & Safe Housing

  • People facing eviction, foreclosure, or power outages are in immediate need of our help.
  • Thanks to the Giants who’ve answered our call, we have been able to modify homes for wheelchair access and help people who are facing housing crises to stay in their homes or move from homelessness to safety.
  • Our work in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy in Rockaway, NY is a major example of what can be done when people come together as a community to help those in need.

Financial Aid for Critical Needs

  • Targeted fundraising is done to help people who need emergency relief funding to maintain the equilibrium in their lives as they face critical circumstances. The needs are great; the calls are many; and we rely on the generosity of donors like you to help us help others.

Become a Giant of Generosity today, and help us continue to open our arms wide enough to help as many people as we can!


Our signature Food & Wine Show fundraiser, is held in March.

Volunteers are always needed to help with our events

Giants of Generosity relies solely on donations from individuals like you, and from corporations, foundations, and grants. In addition, we raise money through our fundraising events. Whether it’s through ticket sales, ads in the ad journals, or event sponsorships, we hope that you will be able to support Giants of Generosity in a meaningful way.

Our signature event is the annual Food & Wine Show. This well attended event is always great fun and showcases a variety of exhibits of great food and beverages from local area vendors. It also features cooking demonstrations, cook-off competitions, live entertainment, a 50-50 raffle, a silent auction, and other exciting activities.

The event gives guests a close-up look at the work we do to help others. Many of our recipients are in attendance and you can get to meet them first hand. Some will speak of their experience with Giants of Generosity, others will simply be there in loving gratitude and support of what we have been able to do for them.

Throughout the year Giants of Generosity acts as fiscal sponsors for other events hosted by family or friends of our clients. Our Friends Helping Friends platform helps raise funds for a specific cause, and publicizes the needs of our crises families. Additionally, Giants of Generosity will work with each new client to better understand the scope of their particular needs, such as finding people who can help as counselors, medical advocates, accountants, lawyers, babysitters, and/or drivers. Giants of Generosity will support all efforts in finding additional volunteers to assist our clients.

The Dream Team

You can become part of the solution, consider joining our Dream Team.

Volunteers and Supporters Help us Fulfill Our Mission

In addition to financial donations, Giants of Generosity relies on its corps of volunteers and supporters—our Dream Team—to help us fulfill our programs and run our events. The Dream Team comprises a special group of volunteers from all walks of life who believe in and support our mission. Dream Team members do not have a fiduciary responsibility to the organization but rather help us through donations of their time and talents, as well as by connecting Giants of Generosity to their professional networks as needed to assist our clients.

The Dream Team members:

  • Help connect clients with resources, goods and services.
  • Contribute to the success of Giants of Generosity fundraising events by:
    • Attending and volunteering to help run the events.
    • Selling and/or buying tickets to distribute to family and friends who may not know about
      Giants of Generosity.
    • Help acquire items for our silent auction and other fundraising opportunities.
    • Selling or purchasing ads in the ad journal (when relevant).
    • Seeking out or connecting Giants of Generosity with potential corporate sponsors for the events.
  • Direct us to individuals, corporations, or foundations for financial support.
  • Attend team Meet-and-Greet events at various supporters’ locations.
  • Have opportunities to meet potential new customers, partners and friends.

Would you like to join our Dream Team?

We are seeking individuals who can share:

  • A sincere desire to help others
  • An enthuastic team-player attitude
  • A life of integrity and respect for others
  • Their talents or resources to complement our clients’ needs.

If you’d like to become a GIANT of Generosity through your personal or professional contribution to our Dream Team, contact D. Jane Albanese at 201-567-2622, or fill out the Join Now application.

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The Joy of Giving

  • For it is in giving that we receive
    . . . St. Francis of Assisi.
  • Please join in our efforts to make a difference
    in the lives of those around us.
  • A gift of any amount is greatly appreciated.
  • Only a life lived in the service of others is worth
    living . . . Albert Einstein.
  • Come experience the joy of giving!
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Our Board. Meet the Team

D. Jane Albanese

D. Jane Albanese

Caryn Starr-Gates

Bettina S. Fowler

Charles Gutmann

Justin Levine

Evan Ardelle

John H. Johl

Thomas Volpe